What’s Included

  • 16 Power Skating Sessions (16 sessions Fall)
  • 12 League Games (12 Games Fall)
  • 1 Summer Camps (1 Female camp)

Benefits of the Yearly Program

  • Monthly payment plans.
  • One convenient registration period.
  • Save money!
  • Year-round professional coaching by Andrew McKimr, Paul Dagg and the X Hockey staff!

COST (HST Included)

Female semi-Yearly Program: $1234.10 or 7 payments of $176.30 starting June 15.


If a customer wishes to cancel his or her yearly program subscription, he or she will be required to pay the balance of the full price for the programs in which the customer has completed up to and including the date of cancellation in relation to what they have already paid, plus a $250.00 administration fee.

For example, customer A wishes to cancel their yearly program subscription in October of 2018 and began their subscription in March. Our administrator would add up the total cost of all the programs that customer A had completed to date @ regular price, total what customer A had paid for (monthly payment x 8 months) and charge or credit customer A the balance.


Coming soon 2024 yearly program registration.

Please see age group for Yearly Program Registration.

If you have any questions please call Andrew McKim 727-3381.